Over a week ago, Amy MacMahon won the election in South Brisbane, defeating Jackie Tradd from the Labor National Party of Queensland (LNP). The Labor party has held the riding since 1977 until now.

MacMahon’s win is a historic movement as the riding has never been Green. It displays that the population is ready for progressive change. Her win is also lead to have another Green seat in the Queensland Parliament be joining Michael Berkman whose seat is Maiwar. They are currently two Green members in a majority Labor government and they both will have to find methods to corporate with them.

MacMahon’s policies are one of the reasons why she won South Brisbane. It includes free lunches for young children all over Queensland, offering free hospital parking and public transportation, increase by creating more jobs in manufacturing and constructions. She also wants to build 100% public green energy.

The people of South Brisbane are fascinated to see how MacMahon will implement the propositions.

sources: https://westender.com.au/the-new-member-for-south-brisbane-faces-the-press/

Shabrina Rahman

Shabrina Rahman is a second year student at Bishop's University where she studies International Studies with a double minor in German and Sports Studies. She is looking forward to sharing positive news about environmental issues and Green Parties around the world. She believes that it is important for people to gain knowledge about this subject because we live in a society in which environmental protection is not as strong as it should be.

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