(Ottawa, CANADA)- On Nov. 10, Annamie Paul, former leader of Canada’s Green Party, submitted her final notice of resignation to the Green Party of Canada and terminated her membership.

Former Green Party Leader Annamie Paul via her Instagram [annamiepaul]

Paul served as the leader of the Green Party for about a year and ran in the Canadian 2021 Presidential election.

“When I was elected into this role, I broke a glass ceiling. I didn’t realize that when I did, the shards would fall on my head, leaving a trail of broken glass that I would have to crawl over,” said Paul in a Tweet on Sept. 27.

The CBC reported that Paul is stepping down after poor poll results during the Summer federal election.

“It was an honour to work for the people of Canada, and I look forward to serving in new ways,” said Paul in her resignation Tweet.

The Greens party has chosen Amita Kuttner as a replacement.


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