Yesterday was a historic day for the Austrian Green Party, as they landed third in voting for city parliament. Known locally as “Die Grüne” or “The Greens”, the party landed 14.6% of the votes, beating out far-right parties, such as the “Freedom Party of Austria”, whose support nosedived from 31% in 2015, to 7.5%.

Via The Green Party of Austria: “Thank you to all voters for your strong support. The result is a clear call for greener politics in the most liveable city in the world. More green politics for the next 5 years – more green politics for Vienna”.

Joshua Allan

Joshua Allan is from Beamsville, Ontario and graduated from Bishop's University in June 2020, having studied Foreign Languages and Politics. His political activity in his community includes advocating for environmental rights in the Fridays for Future march in Sherbrooke, QC, in October 2019. His interests include Canadian and international politics, environmental politics, and Indigenous rights.

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