Green Party of British Columbia is setting itself up for the upcoming federal election in September 2021.

Fall Election

In just 35 days Canadians will be called to the ballot for the upcoming federal election. Announced 2 days ago by Prime minister Trudeau, this election is a key for the Green party of Canada.

“I think it is a crucial election,” said Elizabeth May, former Green Party leader

This fall, the federal election will be a crucial one for the Green Party of Canada. Recent polls numbers have given the Greens the last place amongst the other candidates, sitting at 5% of the voting intention. It is far from the two leadings which are Liberal in pole position at 34.9%, and the conservative put at 29.4%. Thus the Green Party needs to find a way to rally more voters to their side. Moreover they will need to catch a new breath after all the recent controversies surrounding their leader Annamie Paul.

The parties of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet, New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh, and Green Leader Annamie Paul all saw an increase in money raised in the first few months of 2021 compared to the same period year prior. The Hill Times photographs by Andrew Meade

In British Columbia, the Greens are the second force in presence. They hold the power in two of the seven islands of Vancouver while the remaining five are for the New Democrat Party (N.D.P). With the recent wildfires in western North America and the floods in Eastern Europe, the Greens could make the most of those events to shift voters onto their side.

One of B.C Green party candidates ,Paul Mainly, who won a seat in 2019 is hopeful for the future but knows how difficult the task ahead will be.

“I’m going to work really hard to get re-elected and hope that the people will put their trust in me again to represent them in Ottawa.” Mainly said to Chek.

The task is that much harder for the Greens as the party has seen recent feud and animosity between members that reduce the chance for a good result in the fall of 2021.

A party in turmoil

logo of The Green Party of Canada. Source the Green Party website.

Despite historically winning three seats in the last federal election, the Green Party of Canada is facing difficulties for the upcoming election.

“I’m not worried about gossip that was yesterday’s news making a dent here,” said May.

Recent strife within the party have lead ,Jenica Atwin, one of the three winning seats, to cross floor to the Liberal side. This come after new feuds and instability within the Green Party and poor leadership by leader Annamie Paul regarding her former advisor Noah Zatzman.

Annamie Paul and the Green Party will have a difficult campaign and will need to rally their members together in order to achieve success in the election. Additionally, the infatuation for climate change and the recent disasters around the world could give a boost for voters and pave the way for more Green presence in the Federal government.

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