Ecolo has decided to definitively turn the page after the mediocre results obtained during the European elections of June 9 when more than 8 million voters were called to the polls in Belgium to choose the 22 Belgian MEPs who will sit in the European Parliament during the next five years.
At the end of these elections, the Groen and the ECOLO Party (Green Group/European Free Alliance) obtained 6.32% and 3.64% respectively. This result led to the resignation of Jean-Marc Nollet and Rajae Maouane from their positions at the head of the Green Party. They presented their resignation to the party authorities in the hours following this electoral debacle.

This allowed the Federation Council of Ecolo’s internal parliament to debate the issue and voted democratically, by majority, to proceed with the election of a new co-presidency by July 21. The party therefore launched the call for applications since Monday June 17 and it ended on Sunday June 30.
To do this, Marie Lecocq and Samuel Cogolati, on the one hand, Marie-Colline Leroy and Gilles Vanden Burre, on the other, declared themselves candidates to become co-presidents of Ecolo, announced the green party.

“Ecolo’s internal parliament, the Federation Council, then debated and voted democratically, by majority, to proceed with the election of a new co-presidency by July 21. The call for applications was launched on Monday June 17 and ran until Sunday June 30”, specifies the party.

“Collectively, we want to breathe new life into ecology. We offer an ecology of reality, anchored in our everyday lives. In towns and villages, citizens are questioning their future, that of of their children, and we will provide them with answers by drawing them from their concrete realities. Today, we put our complementary experiences at the service of the profound transformation of our party. We want an ecology that rediscovers its militant joy and pride from communes to Europe”, indicate Marie-Colline Leroy and Gilles Vanden Burre.

The election of the new co-presidents will take place on Saturday July 13 in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Billy Omeonga

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