Ottawa – At a press conference held on March 1 to comment on the latest IPCC report Canadian Green Party members of parliament and interim leader Amita Kuttner stated their opposition to sending Canadian arms to Ukraine.

In response to a question from CBC News, Kuttner said, “I one hundred percent do not support them (the liberal government) sending lethal weapons. I think that in terms of aid and immigration support these are things that are open doors. It’s a Green Party stance of non-violence. We must do everything we can to support in a non-violent way. I  have a thing deep inside about not supporting weapons exports at any point. We are going to be contributing to violence in one way or another if it is sending weapons. ” Kuttner went on to say that they do not encourage people to fight but supports, “diplomacy, sanctions and freezing assets”.

Mike Morris, the newest Green Party MP added that the federal government should wave visa requirements for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict. Kuttner concluded, “As much as we possibly can, given the threat we need to avoid larger scale war.”

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