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COP27 in Egypt ended without new ambitions for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

After more than two weeks, the major UN climate conference, which opened on November...

COP27 officiellement ouverte en Egypte: que faut-il attendre de ce rendez-vous?

La 27e conférence de l'ONU sur le climat (COP27), qui démarre ce dimanche pour...

COP27 officially opened : what to expect from this conference?

The 27th UN climate conference (COP27), which begins this Sunday for two weeks, is already generating many debates...

Green Party of Egypt Boycotts COP27 due to Human Rights Violations

It has become official that COP27 will be held this November in Egypt. Although some may have thought the Green Party of...

Le Nil menacé par la pollution

Le Nil, le deuxième plus long fleuve du monde, est désormais presque sans vie, trop pollué. Un exemple...

Egypt: the Nile River threatened by pollution

The Nile, the second longest river in the world, is now almost lifeless, too polluted. A concrete example...

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