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Annamie Paul Resigns following Disastrous Failure in the Federal Election

Green Party leader, Annamie Paul, announced her resignation as the leader of the Green party on 28 September 2021. In the recent...

Trudeau Calls for (an) Election amidst a Global Pandemic Canadian voters will be deciding who will be voted into power in Ottawa on September 20th 2021....

BC Green for a crucial election

Green Party of British Columbia is setting itself up for the upcoming federal election in September 2021.

Marci Ien wins Toronto Centre federal by-election in spite of Greens’ challenge

The Federal Liberals celebrated a modest victory Monday night after candidates Marci Ien and Ya'ara Saks stole the spotlight in the federal...

Justice Greens on Annamie Paul’s win, and the future of eco-socialism in Canada

This past week, I reached out to Justice Greens, an independent advocacy group in Canada “committed to a principled Green Party which...

Some federal Greens and New Democrats are pushing for a temporary alliance

Despite a recent increase in support for the unification of the Green Party and the NDP, the federal leaders of both parties, Annamie Paul and Jagmeet Singh, remain opposed to the idea of working in tandem.

Glen Murray enters federal Green Party leadership race

 Winnipeg, Manitoba – Glen Murray announced today he is running for National Leader of the Green Party of Canada. Born and raised in Quebec,...

Former Green Party Leader Dr. Joan Russow Endorses Dimitri Lascaris

Montreal, QC — Green Party of Canada leadership contestant Dimitri Lascaris is proud to announce the endorsement of his campaign by past party...

Dr. Amita Kuttner announces candidacy for Green Party of Canada leader

VANCOUVER, BC – Dr. Amita Kuttner, former Science and Innovation critic for the Green Party of Canada, announced that they are running...

Judy Green Enters Green Party of Canada Leadership Race

Judy did not plan a career in politics, but has given most of her life to serving others. Her...

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