Monday, September 27, 2021
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Green Party of Pennsylvania Calls for Election Reform

On August 11, 2021, the Green Party of Pennsylvania called for the government for Pennsylvania Electoral Reform. Greens have been demanding a...

BC Greens Concerned about Future of Province’s Climate and Water Security

BC Greens voice concerns over the future of climate change and water security in the province of British Columbia.

Lenore Morris Announced as returning MP Candidate for Yukon

Lenore Morris has been named as the Green Party's new candidate for MP of the territory of Yukon.

Where Does the Green Party Stand in the Upcoming Federal Election?

As the Canadian federal election quickly approaches, Green leader Annamie Paul faces a series of uphill battles in gaining a seat in parliament.

Nova Scotia Provincial Election Results: No Seats for the Greens

On August 17th 2021, a provincial general election was held in Nova Scotia, in which the Progressive Conservatives won enough seats to...

Canada’s Green Party Postpones its Disputed National Convention

The national convention of the Green party that was expected to take place on August 21st 2021 has now been postponed. No...

Green Party of Canada React to United Nations IPCC report on Climate Change

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its sixth report on climate change. The report gives a clearer picture on what our climate will look like in the future and the root causes of climate change.

New Dental Care Program Implemented in P.E.I. Thanks to Pressure From the Green Opposition

A dental care program for seniors and low-income Islanders has been established in Prince Edward Island. This program has largely come about...

Ontario Green Leader Calls for end of Captive Marine Mammals at Marine Land.

Green Party of Ontario Leader calls for the end of captive marine mammals at Marineland after alleged report says animals are in distress.

Elizabeth May Voices her Opinion on the Recent Green Party of Canada Controversies

Elizabeth May has spoken out about the various issues surrounding the Green Party of Canada's leader, Annamie Paul, and related issues within...

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Opinion: French Greens Lose Support in Regional Elections amid Accusations of...

The Green Party of France, Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV), poor in the regional elections that took place on the 20th to...

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