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The Green Party of Venezuela organizes community dialogues to listen to the population

The Green Party of Venezuela has deployed throughout the national territory with days of community dialogue to listen to the needs of...

The Green Party of Venezuela ratifies the candidacy of Nicolas Maduro Moros

The working team of the Green Party of Venezuela held its first expanded meeting as part of the process of ratifying the...

President Nicolas Maduro welcomes the creation of a new green party in Venezuela

A new green party has just emerged in the Venezuelan landscape. It is called "The Green Party of Venezuela", essentially composed of...

First Green Deputy Elected in Venezuela

Alejandro Aguilera became the first representative of the Ecological Movement of Venezuela to win a seat in the National Assembly in...

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Jonathan Pedneault Gives In To Pressure – Is No Longer Calling...

After calling for peace talks to resolve the war in Ukraine, Jonathan Pedneault, deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada has published a...

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