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Australia’s Greens Propose Amendments to Industrial Relations Bill

In the last week of the Australian parliament sitting this year, the Attorney-General and Industrial Relations Minister, Charles Christian Porter is going...

Australia’s Greens Fight for Climate Emergency Recognition

On the 2nd of December 2020, Australian Green Party leader Adam Bandt urged the parliament to declare a climate emergency which would...

How The City of Yarra Has Made Australian History In Recent Council Elections

Amid Victoria's stage-four lockdown, Victorian council elections took place, and the city of Yarra has now seen a candidate make history, as...

Australia’s Greens on the Technology Investment Roadmap

As a signatory of the Paris Agreement and one of the largest carbon emitters in the world, Australia is under a lot...

Amy MacMahon on her win in South Brisbane

Recently, Amy MacMahon won the election in her riding, gaining another Green seat in the Australian Government. I had the opportunity to...

Australian’s Politics Turning Green

Recently, the Assembly announced that three green ministers will be joining the Legislative. The 25 seats Australian Capital Territory (ACT) assembly includes...

Amy MacMahon defeats Jackie Tradd in South Brisbane

Over a week ago, Amy MacMahon won the election in South Brisbane, defeating Jackie Tradd from the Labor National Party of Queensland...

Australia: Victorian Greens ready major campaign for council elections

Exciting news from the Victorian Greens ahead of council elections slated to be held on October 24th. From their website:

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