Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Recent Flooding in Germany could Increase Support for the Greens

The extreme flooding that occurred in Germany and surrounding countries mid-July has highlighted the need for a strong environmental agenda. 

UK Greens Co-leader Sian Berry will Not Seek Re-election after Transphobic Infighting.

The Green Party of the United Kingdom (UK) co-leader, Sian Berry, will not seek reflection after transphobic statements by party spokesperson.

German Greens Attained Runner up Position in Recent Polls The German Greens have the potential to gain important political power in the upcoming election. The consistent...

Greens in the UK Condemn Racism Aimed at English Football Players After Euro Finals Loss to Italy.

National and regional Green parties in the United Kingdom have condemned online racism aimed at three English football players of colour following...

European Floods will Shape the Future of Politics

Recent floods have caused a numbers of victims and structural damages around Western Europe. Despite recent voting intention dropping down for the...

Greens of Turin: Weaving The Shroud of The Automobile Industry?

Conducted, transcribed and edited by Fajr Alsayed The European Green Party of Turin (Europa Verde Torino) is a newly...

Bristol Green Party Launches A Green Shadow Cabinet

The shadow cabinet announcement Bristol Green Party, the largest joint opposition group on Bristol City Council, established a shadow...

Irish Green Teachta Dála Suggests Ranger Shortage in National Parks Leads to “Ecocide”.

After an Irish farmer uprooted a 200m hedge dividing two properties, Irish Green Party Teachta Dála (TD), Marc Ó Cathasaigh, called the act “ecocide”. Wildlife protection laws are often not enforced due to a shortage of conservation rangers being employed under the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

A New spokesperson for the UK Greens’ was in favor of Military Involvement in Syria The United Kingdom and Wales Greens have recently announced the addition of thirteen...

German Green Party Rising Problems

The German Green Party has come under fire recently. In addition, a rulership challenge has been dismissed by the Party, despite recent...

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The Green Party of Mexico: a Bystander to the Climate Crisis?

Green parties across the world take pride in promoting ecological progressive values and the belief in Social justice. At the 2001 Global...

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