Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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German Elections: Greens Earn 14.8% of Vote In Historic Performance

In a historic outcome for the German Greens, the party earned 14.8% of the national vote and sixteen parliamentary seats in the...

Who is Annalena Baerbock and what could she mean for Germany’s future?

In less than two weeks and after 16 years of leadership, Angela Merkel will be withdrawing from the political arena. The 26th of September will therefore be a tipping point on the future of the Western World, in a period where there is a threat of shifting powers with the rise of China...

German Green Party Will Sit Out Federal Election in Saarland

In the latest blow to chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock, the German Greens will be barred from participating in the German federal election in the state of Saarland this September.

The German Greens reveal their Historic Environmental plan for the next Federal Government in Germany.

Environmental measures said to be costly: Last week, the Green Party of Germany has stayed true to its word...

Recent Flooding in Germany could Increase Support for the Greens

The extreme flooding that occurred in Germany and surrounding countries mid-July has highlighted the need for a strong environmental agenda. 

German Greens Attained Runner up Position in Recent Polls The German Greens have the potential to gain important political power in the upcoming election. The consistent...

European Floods will Shape the Future of Politics

Recent floods have caused a numbers of victims and structural damages around Western Europe. Despite recent voting intention dropping down for the...

German Green Party Rising Problems

The German Green Party has come under fire recently. In addition, a rulership challenge has been dismissed by the Party, despite recent...

Aminata Touré: Prominent Activist and Policy Expert for the German Greens’

Aminata Touré, Policy expert for the German Greens Aminata Touré is part of...

Renewal of the Green-CDU Coalition in Baden-Württemberg.

In the early days of May, the Green party announced the renewal of their coalition with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in...

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