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Syrian Migrant Tareq Alaows to Run for German Parliament: A Big Step for Ecosocialism

Tareq Alaows, a hopeful candidate to become a lawmaker at the German parliament (Bundestag) posing in front of the Reichstag building...

Greens/EFA Commission Report on Maritime Spatial Planning

“2021 has the potential to be a significant year for our oceans”Grace O'Sullivan, European Green Party, Member of the European Parliament

German Green Party Deplore the Appeal to Renew NATO Engagement

In a paper titled "More Ambition, Please!", the Heinrich Böll Foundation is calling on Germany to maintain US nuclear weapons in the...

“It Is Not Enough To Be Not Racist, But We Must Be Anti-Racist” European Greens: Top Stories of 2020

Hazel Chu became the first Green party Lord Mayor of Dublin:  In June 2020,...

German Green’s Annalena Baerbock wishes to become Chancellor

Annalena Baerbock, Germany's Green Party co-Chairwoman, believes that she has a good background to run as chancellor for Germany. On a recent...

“Yes every little thing has an impact”: Interview with Antonia Heil

  Antonia Heil is the Leader and founder of the Young Greens in Rosenheim, and the Leader of the...

Tensions Engulf the German Green Party

As reported by The Economist, some activists in Germany appear to be "running out of patience" with the German Green Party (Bündnis...

German Green Party pushes for new anti-discrimination policies

One year after an attack on a Synagogue in the city of Halle, Germany, the German Green Party, known as "Die Grünen",...

German Greens Present Plan To Increase Diversity Within Party

The German Green Party announced that they will be making big changes to their party structures in order to increase diversity within...

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