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The Netherlands

GreenLeft and Labor Party in the Netherlands deepen cooperation ahead of provincial elections

What progressive change can the alliance between the GreenLeft and the Labor Party bring to the Netherlands? In...

Netherlands: environmentalists denounce air pollution and block private jets at Amsterdam airport

Private jet traffic was disrupted this Saturday, November 5, 2022, at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Several hundred Greenpeace...

KLM faces legal threat for “greenwashing”: Is sustainability possible in aviation?

Are airlines genuinely fuelling or mitigating the climate crisis? We evaluate the future of the industry now that all the attention is...

Historic Win against Royal Dutch Shell

In an unprecedented ruling, a court in The Hague has decided to go against one of the biggest oil mastodons. The...

Greens/EFA Commission Report on Maritime Spatial Planning

“2021 has the potential to be a significant year for our oceans”Grace O'Sullivan, European Green Party, Member of the European Parliament

A Green New Deal for the Netherlands

Recently, Groenlinks, the Green Party of the Netherlands, proposed a Green New Deal. For the past thirty years, the Netherlands have tried...

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Jonathan Pedneault Gives In To Pressure – Is No Longer Calling...

After calling for peace talks to resolve the war in Ukraine, Jonathan Pedneault, deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada has published a...

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