Michal Berg chose to announce his resignation from the position of co-president during a meeting of the Greens presidency. The latter recognized his responsibility for the failure of the European elections which raised a lot of hope among the Czech Greens.
“The result of the Greens in the European elections is disappointing and I take full responsibility for it. With candidates like Johanna Nejedlová or Osamu Okamura, we should have obtained a better result and I completely understand that this was not the case” , said Michal Berg, explaining the reason for his resignation. The Greens obtained 1.55% of the vote in the European elections.

However, he thanked all the personalities of civil society whom they invited to stand as candidates in the European elections for their courage and their determination to engage in this political battle.
“Even though they would have a better chance of succeeding by joining forces with another party, they had decided to run on behalf of the Greens, who are closest to them in terms of values ​​and program. But like the elections showed, As a party, we were not able to meet the expectations and needs that a successful national campaign requires, particularly in terms of financial and human resources And as co-president who prepared the European elections, I bear personal responsibility,” says Berg.
For his part, he believes that the experience accumulated by everyone who participated in this campaign will one day be put to good use and that Johanna Nejedlová or Osamu Okamura will appear in politics in the future.
“They undoubtedly have their place there,” added Michal Berg.

For the moment, Magdalena Davis remains co-president responsible for senatorial and regional elections, and Ondřej Mirovský will temporarily replace Berg as president. “I would like to thank Michal not only for his work and dedication during the election campaign, but above all for more than four years of cooperation. He devoted a huge amount of time and energy to the Greens and, due to limited financial resources, he provided the executive with many activities that are carried out by the entire apparatus of the other parties”, said Magdalena Davis, who will now focus on the senatorial and regional elections, in which she presents herself as leader, with her colleagues party for the Central Bohemian region.

“It is necessary to look at the overall political situation: other parties that defend values ​​close to ours have also performed poorly. This should be the main thing we take away from this election,” said Magdalena Davis. “It is essential to start a debate as soon as possible on how we should proceed in view of next year’s parliamentary elections. It is clear that if the progressive and liberal parties, as well as the personalities who may be for outside of politics, want to succeed to respond to the rise of protest parties, who often come to power thanks to populism and lies, they will have to cooperate much more and these negotiations will have to focus more on common objectives and less on the ego,” says Magdalena Davis.

Michal Berg served as co-chair of the Green Party from 2020. Together with Magdalena Davis, they defended this position in 2022 and 2024, and in 2018-2023 he was also a member of the leadership of the European Green Party. Since 2014, he has been representative of Vsetín, in the region where he actively campaigned to ensure that those responsible for the Bečva poisoning were punished.
“I remain a member of the Greens and if there is interest, I will continue to help where necessary. Thanks to the Greens, I have met hundreds of wonderful people in the Czech Republic and Europe who share common values , many of whom have become friends with whom I would like to thank for their cooperation and support”, said Michal Berg, who, in addition to his political commitment, is professionally involved in innovation in the energy sector. “I will continue to evolve in this field. But above all I want to devote myself to my family, who have always supported me in politics, and now it is time to give it back to them,” Berg added.

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