Former Green Party candidate from B.C. David Merner launched his campaign to lead the Green Party of Canada and posted the following text on his website:

As a father to four daughters, husband of 26 years,  volunteer for 35 years, and duffer hockey player for 50 years, I understand the importance of commitment, hard work, and fun.

After graduating from Harvard College, the University of Alberta, Oxford University and the University of Toronto, I was called to the bar in both British Columbia and Ontario. I advised Ministers at the Department of Justice and Privy Council Office in Ottawa for 15 years before moving back to B.C. to help transform the province’s justice system into the most innovative in the world.

I’ve supported and volunteered for organizations like The Land Conservancy of B.C., the Habitat Acquisition Trust, and Mediate BC. ​

I’ve also served on election observation missions in Haiti and Ukraine. Having volunteered for the Liberal Party of Canada for over 30 years, I ran for the Liberals in Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke in 2015.

However, on the day that Justin Trudeau announced the purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, I decided I could no longer support a party that serially breaks its promises and I joined the Green Party of Canada. I believe deeply that: our democracy should ensure that all voters are represented in our House of Commons; taxpayers should no longer spend billions every year on fossil fuel subsidies; the purchase and twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline is a huge mistake for taxpayers and for the environment; and actions, not words, define effective leadership on the climate emergency. 

To lead, the Green Party of Canada must win seats.

I’ve campaigned on winning Green campaigns in British Columbia with Paul Manly and Adam Olsen, in Ontario with Mike Schreiner, and in New Brunswick with Megan Mitton. Sadly, my first losing campaign for the Green Party was my 2019 campaign in Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke. I very much hope to get back to winning ways on this next campaign: the campaign for the leadership of the Green Party.


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