VANCOUVER, BC – David Suzuki is speaking out in support of BC Green leadership candidate Sonia Furstenau’s candidacy and her proposal to explore a four-day work week in BC. Furstenau published a video message from Suzuki today. “When the David Suzuki Foundation was started in 1990, the first thing we did was to institute a four-day work week,” said Suzuki.

I am honoured to have the endorsement of David Suzuki

I’m honoured to have the support of David Suzuki for my campaign to be leader of the BC Greens.Since the David Suzuki Foundation began their work in 1990, staff have had a 4 day work week. David’s visionary leadership on this issue is truly inspiring. I have so much respect for his willingness to lead by example.The evidence on shorter work weeks shows they could improve health and wellbeing, increase productivity, create more jobs for our post-COVID-19 recovery, improve gender equality, and reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, shorter work weeks could be structured to facilitate better social distancing. These impacts are of significant benefit for society, and the government should explore incentives for employers that choose to implement a shorter work week.As BC Greens Leader, I will consult with business, labour, and other stakeholders to explore policies to improve work-life balance and health and wellbeing for workers, including a shortened work week. David and I agree that it is an idea that our society should discuss broadly.

Posted by Sonia Furstenau for BC Greens Leader on Monday, July 13, 2020

Elizabeth May, former leader of the Green Party of Canada also endorsed Sonia Furstenau. “Sonia is a proven leader. She’s extremely articulate, eloquent, brilliant, sharp – also courageous” said May. 

Kim Darwin, who is also running the the B.C. Green Party leadership later criticized May’s endorsement in a facebook post stating that “Southern Vancouver Islanders have been stalwart BC Green supporters, even when it wasn’t popular to talk about the environment and climate action. This group has stuck together for so many years, and have formed incredibly strong bonds. This was apparent last week when Elizabeth May provided her endorsement to her Southern Vancouver Island mate.”

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