The Green Congress of Kenya (GCK) party, in a resolution of its National Governing Council (NGC), said on Saturday that it would support the presidential candidacy of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga as part of the coalition Azimio La Umoja in the August 9, 2022 election.

The GCK, which is the latest local political formation to support Raila’s presidential candidacy, said he was best placed to become the country’s fifth president.
Party co-leader Martin Ogindo said Raila Odinga had shown his interest and willingness to fully implement the constitution if elected.

“We are convinced that the stewardship of the gains in implementing our progressive constitution as a country must be safely in the hands of the person who has shown the most passion and commitment to its enactment and implementation,” said Mr Ogindo, a former MP from Rangwe, at a press briefing after the meeting.

He also hailed the March 2018 handshake between President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga, saying it helped unite the country and helped the government implement development projects. He said that by putting aside his differences with the head of state, the head of the ODM had demonstrated that he had the best interests of the country at heart.

“The handshake was a historic gesture that united us as a nation and gave this country the right political environment to build on the more genuine peace that we desperately need for economic liberation,” he added.

Ogindo also praised President Uhuru Kenyatta for doing all he could to spearhead efforts to ensure inclusive representation, equity and national cohesion as the country heads towards general elections.

General elections in Kenya are scheduled for August 9, 2022. Voters will elect the President, members of the National Assembly and Senate, county governors and members of the 47 county assemblies.

The Green Congress of Kenya party has indicated that it will field candidates to compete for all elective positions across the country except for the presidency as it hopes to have meaningful representation in the various seats available under the constitution.

The presidential election in Kenya will pit the favourite outgoing President William Ruto against populist challenger Raila Odinga. The competition between the two rivals will be fierce. To avoid the violence that has punctuated past competitions, the two candidates should agree to resolve any dispute in court. External actors may also offer assistance.

During this National Council of Government, the party announced changes in its hierarchy, with Martin Ogindo and Scola Chelangat named co-leaders and Hillary Alila named president. Thomas Mariwa was named vice-president while Betty Milgo was named party secretary for people with disabilities. Salomé Gikonyo and Charles Omanga have been appointed Treasurer and Secretary for Legal Affairs respectively.

The party has also appointed a three-member National Elections Board to be chaired by Christopher Migunde. Charity Makena (secretary) and Joseph Akiri are the other members, while Raphael Agong chairs the internal conflict resolution committee.

The Green Congress Party of Kenya was founded on the ideals of preserving Kenya’s ecological livelihoods and is pushing for climate change policy through the ecological conservation measures it has put in place.

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