On March 14th, New Brunswick’s MLA Green Party Leader Megan Mitton discussed the detailed climate project and budgetary issues for the province.

Megan Mitton, the MLA of the Green Party of New Brunswick discussed her views on the climate project. She believes that these detailed plans should be accompanied by the provincial budget. Much of New Brunswick’s population believes the protection of the climate is much more important than developing infrastructures harming the ecosystem.

Mitton was very clear about the requests and demands of what she wanted for her province. The current approach of the budgetary plan has been geared towards the climate project and the use of budgetary issues. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar increase energy efficiency by reducing emissions and lower heating costs. Under the Blaine Higgs government, $26 million has been spent on climate projects over the past year. These funds are generated through New Brunswick’s carbon tax. Due to the lack of investment from the Canadian Government over the past year, the government fell $10 million short funding for their climate project.

Mitton’s statement

Regarding the climate budget, Mitton expressed great concern on the amount dass spent and what it was spent on. Mitton said she was “very disappointed once again to see that money was left on the table”.

Mitton also spoke about the issues that she believes members of her community face stating that spending on the climate plan would benefit New Brunswicker’s more and addressing some of the climate impacts low-income citizens have to deal with.

Mitton would like the upcoming fiscal year to bring more discussion for climate-directed initiatives. Although the budget plan was discussed, Mitton’s disappointment in how the budget was spent was inevitable. Focusing on low-income communities was the New Brunswick’s governments main priority.

Climate plan highlights

Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman discussed his views on the Climate budget and highlights during the conference and seemed to go against Mitton’s idea. He states that the “government is committed to being part of the climate change solution and continues to work to implement the comprehensive New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan“.

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