VANCOUVER, BC – Dr. Amita Kuttner, former Science and Innovation critic for the Green Party of Canada, announced that they are running to be the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. Standing on the False Creek sea wall overlooking Science World in Vancouver, Dr. Kuttner outlined their motivations for running.

“As a young scientist, I have been searching for a movement that represents me. My desire is for true equity and justice. That means decolonization. It means a genuinely evidence based decision making process. And it means having the ability to face the realities of our future and prepare for them. No political party is offering that kind of equity and justice, and that is about to change,” Kuttner said. 

“The policies that are most important to me are not being treated seriously in Canada. I don’t feel represented by our system. However, I still believe the best way to effect change is to work from within our government. I want to make desperately needed changes to legislation, and to increase representation by leading a caucus of Green MPs.

“It is time that we fully embrace social justice, diversity, and inclusion. We need to decolonize this country, as well as our politics and political organizations. During my time in university and in politics, I have consistently advocated for inclusivity. We cannot achieve justice for everyone without working on improving ourselves and our institutions. This must be done to ensure every single person has the opportunity to prosper.

“We have an opportunity to strengthen our policy process to ensure that the party adopts policies that are genuinely evidence based. Policy adoption must remain a democratic member-driven process, but we can give it more integrity with appropriate checks and balances to ensure that the goals of adopted measures are always supported by reliable experts and the available evidence.”

Kuttner was joined by Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry, District of North Vancouver Councillor Megan Curren, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Dave Demers, and Youth Advocate Tadeo Ríos Davila. 

LGBTQ2+ Advocate, Nicola Spurling and MLA for Cowichan Valley, Sonia Furstenau also endorsed Kuttner but were unable to make the announcement.

Kuttner also launched their campaign website at


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