A key text of the European Green Deal definitively adopted. EU states voted in favor of the nature restoration law on Monday June 17. This legislation requires the establishment by 2030 of ecosystem recovery measures on 20% of land and marine spaces at EU level, and the restoration of at least 30% of habitats (wetlands, forests, etc.) in poor condition. A victory for nature which Ecolo is delighted with, a success for the Belgian presidency.​

The vote which took place this morning in the Council of the European Union is excellent news for the protection of the climate and biodiversity. For the protection of ecosystems, which are the basis of life on Earth.

“The message is clear: we must continue to realize and implement the Green Deal. This law on nature restoration, although imperfect, remains essential with a basis for future, more ambitious measures in terms of nature restoration. Our environment and the fight against the collapse of biodiversity”, underlined the French-speaking Greens in a press release.

Other provisions of this European law on nature restoration aim to improve criteria measuring the health of forests, remove obstacles on waterways and stop the decline of bees. The impact in rural areas sparked heated debates in the European Parliament last year and fueled agricultural anger at the start of 2024 despite the vast flexibilities introduced. The text, largely amended and criticized, was finally validated by Parliament.

This vote in the Council of the European Union was the last legislative step to allow this text to take effect. An adoption made possible thanks to the tireless work of the Belgian presidency and Alain Maron, Brussels Minister of the Environment. It is also a step forward in the face of the numerous attempts by supporters of an environmental break to bury this law which nevertheless aims to preserve the basis of our survival: nature.

This adoption was also hailed as “a historic victory” by the environmental NGO WWF. “I am delighted with this positive conclusion. Far from the caricatures to which it has been the subject, this framework will allow us to be stronger in the face of the impacts of climate shocks,” also reacted French MEP Pascal Canfin on X.

Billy Omeonga

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