The French-speaking Belgian Green political party said it was outraged after the broadcast last Wednesday on RTBF of images of police violence where we see a police officer from the Anderlecht central police station beating two young people arrested. For Ecolo, it is essential to sanction such behavior, which is unacceptable and extremely serious.

In particular, we were able to see images showing two scenes of violence perpetrated by the same police officer, a few hours apart, in the Démosthène police station. These images had not been transmitted to the Police College of the Midi Police Zone.

“It is urgent to shed light on this extremely serious behavior and these deplorable failings,” explains co-president Ecolo Rajae Maouane. “Beyond these particular facts which greatly question us, we recall that, if the role of police officer is difficult and essential for our rule of law, it also requires exemplary behavior. We want respected and respectable police services to restore trust between the police and the population.”

“The acts of violence committed by our police seriously undermine our democracy. It is crucial to sanction those who dishonor the uniform. Furthermore, the frequency of suspensions in proven cases of violence raises serious questions about our Justice,” adds Brussels MP Ecolo Hicham Thali.

“Zero tolerance for police officers implies real intransigence from the commanders in police zones. But there is also part of the work to be done at the federal level: improving the functioning and independence of Committee P, reforming the disciplinary law, improving the training of police officers, etc. The Minister of the Interior has already mentioned these projects but unfortunately we do not see anything concrete coming. With Ecolo-Groen, we have legislative proposals to move forward in this direction, and we continue to put pressure on these necessary reforms to succeed. This is the only way that the police will regain the confidence of the citizen,” concludes Ecolo federal MP Julie Chanson.

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