The EELV- Europe Écologie Les Verts is a left-wing Political Party in France. The EELV reiterates that the fight against air pollution is a fight to reduce social inequality. The population of France most fragile and exposed to the effects of air pollution are the very sick, the elderly and people living near polluted sites.

At the beginning of February, a study in the Environmental Research journal described the underestimated number of deaths linked to air pollution. The EELV estimates 30% of total emissions in France and in Europe links to the transportation sector. The main cause of air pollution in France is due to the number of cars, trucks and planes in the country. Doubling since 2018, the number of deaths from poor air qualities in the world have increased.

The EELV estimates that a total of 48,000 deaths are due to air pollution each year in France. These numbers were challenged during a research project at Harvard University. Researchers have found that 1 in 8 deaths a year are linked to air pollution. Around 100,000 deaths a year in France are due to poor air quality.

Air pollution is seen as a national public health issue. The EELV calls on the government to recognize these issues. Tackling pollution as well as diminishing the use of Fossil Fuels is a good start.

Call-to action from EELV

The Covid-19 pandemic played a significant role in the decrease of air pollution. The EELV stated that during confinement periods of the pandemic, there was a 30% drop in the average concentration of ultra fine particles in the centre of Paris.

The EELV suggested different ways for the French government to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, their main discussion point was diminishing the presence of air pollution. They suggested developing a public transportation offer, taxing kerosene, doubling rail freight volume in the next 10 years, and soft and alternative mobility.

Rapid health measures need to be taken into account. The lack of response to air pollution is deadly, and poses a major threat to the environment.

Silia Cammisano

Silia Cammisano is a second year Concordia University Undergraduate student studying for her Bachelors Degree in the Department of Classics, Modern Languages & Linguistics majoring in Linguistics. She studied Arts, Literature and Communications at Dawson College. She has a passion for reading and writing. She enjoys outdoor activities and long walks. Silia is interested in having her voice heard and making a difference in her community one step at a time.

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