Nearly 300 activists attended the Brussels congress of Ecolo and Groen on Saturday at La Tricoterie in Saint-Gilles. The Greens presented their lead candidates in the local elections in the various municipalities of the capital in 2024.
The co-presidents of Ecolo, Rajae Maouane, and Groen, Nadia Naji, as well as the heads of the list and the regional teams of Ecolo and Groen, have displayed their common ambitions. The two united formations want to make Brussels a united region, which protects its population against climate change; and build on the momentum of the achievements of the current municipal mandate and regional legislature in favor of biodiversity and social justice.

For the two co-presidents, the results achieved are directly linked to the collaboration of the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking Greens.

“Thanks to ecologists, nature and biodiversity are better protected,” said Rajae Maouane in particular during his speech shared with Nadia Naji. This one, for its part, opposed the ecological projects in the city to “immo-socialism”.

The co-president of Groen notably pointed to the advances to be put, according to her, on the account of ecologists in terms of mobility: the increase in road safety thanks to the limitation to 30km/h; the continued increase in the number of cyclists thanks to the 50 km of cycle paths created during the legislature; an additional capacity of 30% of public transport during peak hours and the inclusion of people with reduced mobility on the network.

“Every day there are more trees, more parks, more green spaces in Brussels available to the people of Brussels. We want more of them, because we need them, to strengthen mental and physical well-being citizens. On the contrary, we want to accelerate the transition, to do more, faster, fairer”, added Rajae Maouane.

The municipal elections are already next year. Now known, the candidates leading the Ecolo and Groen list will continue their work or current mandate with seriousness and launch the campaign at the local level in the field: continue to meet citizens, build the lists.

Municipal elections in Belgium will take place on Sunday 13 October 2024. During these elections, municipal councilors and mayors will be elected.

Billy Omeonga

Billy Omeonga graduated in Journalism and Creative Writing. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of the People in the United States of America. I love activities that involve ideas and critical thinking. I am passionate about nature and protecting the environment. I believe in protecting our planet and its natural resources. I hate dishonest and pessimistic people. Honesty is an integral part of my view of the world and it is a value in which I strongly believe. I speak French and English fluently. In my free time, I like to read and play the piano. Also, I disapprove of the unreliability. I am a reliable person, so I expect a certain level of reliability from those I am reliable to.

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