Britain’s Green Party, which quadrupled its seats in the general election and now has four MPs, including the party’s two co-leaders, has called on the government to take “rapid action” as new MPs arrive in Parliament.

The four newly elected Green Party MPs, Sian Berry MP, Ellie Chowns MP, Adrian Ramsay MP and Carla Denyer MP, arrived in Parliament last weekend, marking a significant moment in the party’s history after this victory in the Commons at the elections.
The party won seats in Suffolk, Herefordshire and Bristol, while retaining its current seat in Brighton.

MPs pledged to hold the Labor government to account, urging it to make bold and necessary changes to improve Britain.
The Green Party has pledged to push Labor to take “bolder” action on climate change and inequality.

In their opening remarks, Green Party MPs presented a clear and actionable ten-step plan, which they describe as a “litmus test for the direction this government plans to take.” These measures, the Greens say, are essential to demonstrate the Labor government’s commitment to serious, progressive change in its first 100 days in office.

“We are here to ensure that the Labor Government does not just talk about change but takes action. Our ten steps are practical, achievable and necessary and can all be easily implemented in 100 days with political will. They will serve as an indicator of whether Labor is serious about changing Britain for good. Our message today is that we will spare no effort to hold them to account and to advance good, positive ideas,” MP Ellie Chowns said after arriving in Parliament.

The 10 steps the Greens say the new Labour Government must take in its first 100 days:

  1. Settle a Pay Deal with Junior Doctors: Properly value their work and ensure fair compensation.
  2. Remove the Two-Child Benefit Cap: End this policy to support families more equitably.
  3. Prosecute Major Water Companies: Bring criminal charges against companies persistently discharging sewage into rivers and seas.
  4. Mandatory Solar Panels and Wind Power: Make solar panels compulsory on new suitable homes and reverse the de-facto ban on onshore wind projects.
  5. Local Rail Link Plan: Develop a comprehensive plan to reopen local rail links to enhance connectivity.
  6. Emergency Dentistry Summit: Address the urgent crisis in dental care with an emergency summit.
  7. Restore Public Sector Workers’ Right to Strike: Re-establish the right to strike and improve public-sector workers’ conditions.
  8. Recognise the State of Palestine: Officially recognise Palestine and end arms sales to countries at risk of violating international law.
  9. Introduce a Natural History GCSE: Enrich education by including a natural history course in the curriculum.
  10. Strengthen Renters’ Rights: End no-fault evictions and provide local authorities with new powers to control rents.

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