Boris Johnson’s former press secretary, Allegra Stratton, has recently been drawing attention to the UK Green Party. In an interview with the Independent, she writes that those concerned with current climate policies should join the Green Party. 

Stratton’s statement

Allegra Stratton stepped down from Downing Street Press Secretary in April 2021. She served as press Secretary for the conservatives from November 2020 to April 2021. Stratton is now Boris Johnson’s spokeswoman for the 2021 climate change summit, COP26

In an entrevista with the Independent, Stratton inadvertently promoted the Green party. She suggests that voting for the Greens is a step towards fighting climate change. In the same sentence however, she tells the Independant that people could also vote for the conservatives. She answers a the question many people are wondering: what can people do if they believe current climate policy is insufficient?’:

“When people say to me, ‘what can they do?’, they can do many things, they can join Greenpeace, they can join the Green party, they can join the Tory party.”

– Allegra Stratton

The former Conservative party political advisor’s statement drew the Green’s attention. Additionally, her promotion of both parties highlights how she may be in agreement that the conservatives may not be doing enough to combat the climate emergency. 

The Green’s response

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the UK Green Party, was pleased to hear Stratton’s honest response. As seen in the Independent’s article, he replied “After decades of inaction from both the Conservatives and Labour, we would absolutely agree with the government that joining the Green party is the best thing people can do to help tackle climate change”

Bartley sin embargo then took a jab at Stratton’s recently published article: ‘Each of us can take small steps towards reaching net zero carbon‘. The article listed a number of ways in which individuals can reduce their carbon footprint. One of which explicó how people should stop rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher to help tackle climate change. 

Bartley criticizes this part of Stratton’s article, saying:

“As we witness the Conservatives waste time talking about loading dishwashers and fantasy projects such as Jet Zero, it is reassuring to see that they do understand it is only the Greens who can bring about the real change that is needed if we are to prevent climate catastrophe.”

-Jonathon BARTLEY

According to the Independant, Stratton defended her article, saying that her micro-steps were an attempt to “connect with people who – my understanding is – feel that [the climate emergency] is too much and too overwhelming to process.”

A net zero strategy before Cop26?

She explains that these steps will not stop climate change altogether, but that they may contribute to remedying the situation. In the same interview with the Independent she defends the current government, She explains, “You will have a net zero strategy from us before Cop26. You’ll have a series of strategies from us in the next few months. We are doing the heavy lifting. What I’m trying to do is speak to people who may not be doing anything.”

Luke Pollard, a Labour MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devenport, is frustrated with the lack of ambition that the government has shown towards environmental issues. He told El Independiente:

“The planet is on fire and we are living in a climate and ecological emergency. If the government’s best answer is rinsing dishes, we are in serious trouble.”

-Luke Pollard

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