It was in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that the declaration on establishing a Platform for cooperation between the Green political organizations of the Western Balkans was signed.
The Greens of the Western Balkans want, through this unprecedented political initiative, to commit to working together for peace and the environment, but also to fight against corruption.
Five Green parties from the Western Balkan countries, plus Croatia, signed the declaration last Sunday in the presence of representatives from each party.

Below is the full text of the Declaration:

“Taking into account our common challenges regarding the climate crisis, environmental pollution and the destruction of biodiversity;
Acknowledging the need for a just green transition from fossil fuels to renewables energy;

Recognizing corruption and organized crime, which like pollution crosses the borders of our respected countries, as one of the greatest threats to democracy and the well-being of our citizens;

Firmly committed to respecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms as an essential element of any modern democracy and any prosperous society;

Recognizing the need to maintain peace, stability, security and cooperation in the region; Stressing the need for an accelerated integration of the region into the EU,

We, the undersigned Green Political Organizations of the Western Balkan region, agree:

  1. To establish an operational and functional platform of cooperation to communicate our individual and common challenges regarding the issues of national and regional policies of the Western Balkans, as well as to seize the opportunity to accelerate the European integration process of the region ;
  2. Organize joint actions with other activists to protect the environment, natural resources and the human rights of all our citizens across the region to secure and safeguard clean air, water water and earth;
  3. Educate our fellow citizens and find solutions to reduce poverty and ensure a decent life through adequate wages and pension insurance;
  4. Help strengthen the model of local autonomy to have a more direct influence on the environment and the protection of the fundamental human rights of our citizens;
  5. Take responsibility to further discuss the models and structure of this platform which should be established within the next 6 (six) months and the process should result in the formation of realistic but ambitious goals for joint action , the structure of this green platform and written and adopted procedures that should define our new path towards a greener, fairer and safer future for the region;

Invite other green participants from neighboring countries in the region, who are willing to discuss together and seek solutions to issues of common concern.“

The Declaration was signed by:

Indrit Abdiaj, Albanian Green Party, Albania

Amna Popovac, Hocemo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zorislav Antun Petrovic, ORAH, Croatia

Milijana Vukotic-Jelusic, URA, Montenegro

Maja Moracanin, DOM, North Macedonia

Nebojsa Zelenovic, Zajedno, Serbia

Marijana Sumpor, Independent List Zagreb

Billy Omeonga

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