Puesto actual (s) Leader of the Green Party of Alberta
Professional Firefighter
Fecha de nacimiento
Ubicación Edmonton, Alberta, Canadá
Página web https://greenpartyofalberta.ca/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GPAleader


After not feeling represented by Alberta politics, Jordan Wilkie stood up for Albertans, the Six Principles of the Green Party and the growing indifference of good people that needed a real option to vote for: A modern and progressive option that can transition our economy into a modern powerhouse, treat our environment that we depend on with respect, revitalize our education and health care system, celebrate diversity, and expand the rights and services for absolutely all people in our province.

On March 28th, 2020, he was elected leader and is now inspiring the people of Alberta to stand with the Green Party of Alberta. “This is a movement,” says Jordan. “The greenwave has begun.”

Jordan was born in Edmonton and comes from a long line of farmers and teachers. The son of an Edmonton Oiler and the grandson of aviation pioneer Max Ward; he is currently serving in his twelfth year as a firefighter, spending five years also with the Canadian Red Cross. Jordan has put his life on the line to help others and enters politics with the same intention and determination.

Holding a degree in Philosophy and a masters in Disaster Emergency Management; Jordan has collaborated with municipalities to adapt their policy and infrastructure in response to the growing climate emergency. Through his disaster management initiative Flashover, he has spent years hosting workshops and gatherings to make communities safer, more resilient and interconnected on a community level. Last year he answered the call to offer his services pro bono to aid in the response to the Amazon Wildfires alongside international organizations and indigenous leaders.

Jordan’s message to Alberta is simple. He clearly states “I will not stand by and allow my son to inherit a province that squandered its wealth, strangled its education & healthcare systems and devastated the environment. The Green Party of Alberta is poised to win ridings in the next election in order to represent a new age for Alberta. One that is modern and forward looking, led by the millennial generation. Together, let us create a job boom in the renewable sector. Let us transition the skills of our invaluable workforce. Let us invest in the future by empowering our educators. Let us support the doctors and health care workers that work so hard for us. Let us give a voice to those that are unrepresented and living in unacceptable circumstances. Let’s regenerate the health of our ecosystem and ensure our food security for generations to come. The Greens are ready for your vote. We are ready to add a truly progressive voice in the Legislature. We need your support. Join the movement. Let’s work together.”

Source: https://greenpartyofalberta.ca/meet-our-leader/

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