The work of the second statutory congress of the Moroccan Greens Party was held at the Le Tarzakount hotel in Beni Mellal in the presence of several leaders of environmental organizations from African countries such as Burkina Faso.

“Political ecology, a lever for a Morocco of fairness and lasting tranquility”, such was the main theme chosen for this 2nd statutory congress of the Moroccan Green Party which took place over 3 days in Beni Mellal in Morocco. Several environmental activists took part in these meetings, such as the delegation of the Rassemblement des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso (RDEBF) made up of the President of the RDEBF, Mr. Adama SERE, the Secretary General, Mrs. Fatoumata BOUSSIM and the Communication Secretary, also President of the Network of Young Ecologists of West Africa (ReJEAO), Mr. Sayoba ZONGO. The Burkinabe delegation actively participated in all the work of the congress.

Political ecology was at the center of discussions during these meetings. Thematic workshops furnished the work of the congress and focused on the following themes: democracy, the law of collective management, ecological issues, international and humanitarian law and human rights.

These were meetings rich in experiences and sharing for the different green parties in Africa. At the end of the deliberations, the outgoing President, Dr. Farès, was re-elected as head of the Moroccan Greens party for a second term.
The delegations present gave him their sincere congratulations for this new mission, convinced that with him, the Moroccan Greens Party will always win. Their congratulations were also addressed to all the members of the party for the welcome they received during their stay in Morocco.

President Adama SERE who occupies the position of Secretary General of the Federation of African Greens (FeVA) and Mrs. Fatoumata BOUSSIM at the head of the executive secretariat of the federation have, on the occasion, held with all African environmentalists a general assembly on the sidelines of the congress.

The purpose of the General Assembly was to examine the texts of the federation and to make recommendations aimed at advancing the federation while waiting for the organization of its congress scheduled to be held in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the coming months.

It was a successful general assembly in the sense that the intended objective was achieved. The FeVA General Assembly was also an opportunity for Africans to prepare their participation in the Global Greens Congress which was held in Seoul, South Korea from June 8 to 11, 2023. A strong FeVA delegation made the trip to Seoul where decisive decisions and resolutions were taken.
It is with great satisfaction that environmentalists from Africa have left Beni Mellal to meet in Seoul to take up other challenges.

Billy Omeonga

Billy Omeonga se licenció en Periodismo y Escritura Creativa. Actualmente estoy cursando una licenciatura en Administración de Empresas en la Universidad del Pueblo de los Estados Unidos de América. Me encantan las actividades que implican ideas y pensamiento crítico. Me apasiona la naturaleza y la protección del medio ambiente. Creo en la protección de nuestro planeta y sus recursos naturales. Odio a la gente deshonesta y pesimista. La honradez es parte integrante de mi visión del mundo y es un valor en el que creo firmemente. Hablo francés e inglés con fluidez. En mi tiempo libre, me gusta leer y tocar el piano. Además, desapruebo la falta de fiabilidad. Soy una persona de fiar, así que espero un cierto nivel de fiabilidad de aquellos con los que soy de fiar.

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