Puesto actual (s)Diputada
FiestaLes Verts
Puesto anterior
Fecha de nacimiento25.01.1988
UbicaciónGenève, Genève, Switzerland
Página webhttp://lisamazzone.ch/


Lisa Mazzone (born 25 January 1988) is a prominent Green Party politician in Switzerland. She was elected to the Swiss parliament (“Nationalrat” / “Cussegl naziunal”) on 18 October 2015, becoming Switzerland’s youngest member of parliament in the process. Most of her political interventions to date have involved environmental issues.
Lisa Mazzone was born in Geneva, the largest city in the francophone western part of Switzerland. She grew up in nearby Versoix, where she attended school[3] and where until 2011 Luigi Mazzone, her father, Sergio Mazzone, served as a city councillor, representing the “Geneva Ecologist Party” (“Parti écologiste de Genève”). He is also a retired installer of solar panels. Her mother died in 2013: she had worked as a psychiatrist. Three of Lisa Mazzone’s four grand parents emigrated from Italy to work at the CERN (“European Organization for Nuclear Research” / “Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire”) which occupies a large site straddling the Franco-Swiss frontier a short distance to the north of Geneva. Along with her Swiss passport she also carries an Italian passport.[2] Her paternal grandmother, born Beatrice Gmur, who also worked at the CERN,[4] came originally from St. Gallen, a politically conservative canton in eastern Switzerland.

Fuente: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Mazzone

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