By adopting a timetable and a method for the 2024 European elections in early April, the Greens are speeding up the process to turn the page on a common Nupes list.
Environmentalists were the first to say they would only go to Europeans, except Nupes. They are now the first to put themselves in working order to prepare for the 2024 elections. “The other parties are not in a position to do so”, welcomes a framework from Europe Écologie-Les Verts (EELV). During the weekend of April 1 and 2, the EELV parliament will therefore work on this election which has often been successful for them. Objective: to ratify the method and schedule submitted by management. According to an internal document, which must now be validated by a vote, the call for candidates “will be launched on June 11” and “will end on June 24”. After the work of a “consensus committee”, the first 16 candidates will be known at the beginning of July.

Internally, a few names are coming back with insistence to be the next head of the list and thus succeed Yannick Jadot, who will not be back. The most anticipated is David Cormand, former national secretary of the Greens and MEP. “He is thinking about it seriously, he is solid, he would make a good candidate”, confirms an MEP who discussed it with him. “It would be completely legitimate”, supports a parliamentarian. “He talks about it around him and it can be good,” points out a party executive who has branches in Brussels.
Green party leaders say they are ready to build step change everywhere and take responsibility to be at the heart of new majorities at EU level fighting for climate ambition, social justice, fundamental rights and democracy , while clearly refusing to cooperate with the extreme right.

European Green parties call for democratic accountability with Spitzenkandidaten

European Green Party co-chairs Mélanie Vogel and Thomas Waitz say the Spitzenkandidaten process remains the most powerful democratic tool available to Green parties to give European citizens a direct voice in choosing the next Commission President. European.
“That is why we support the process and will submit a proposal to the green family to elect co-leader candidates (a Doppelspitze)* for the European elections in 2024,” they said.
The two leaders called on other European political parties to shoulder their democratic responsibilities by also prioritizing EU transparency and democratic legitimacy and appointing their own Spitzenkandidaten. Clandestine negotiations between Member States in the European Council for the highest post in the EU can no longer be tolerated.

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