The 2023 Estonian parliamentary elections are held on March 5, 2023 to renew the 101 members of the Riigikogu, the Estonian parliament. And among the candidates who will represent the Estonian Green Party in the general elections is Evelyn Sepp, a former Center Party politician who has made clear her ambitions as the Green Party’s candidate for the Riigikogu.

“I promised to support the party in the next election with my expertise, my experience, my connections and my name,” Sepp said.

“I want to be an active supporter of the Green Party in these elections, to persuade voters that this is the only list that is truly committed to the Greens’ vision and not limited to mandatory ‘greenwashing’ strategies.”

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“Environmental policy decisions are rational, but also based on values. Trade-offs, in the interests of environmental sustainability, could be made in the wrong places. It is not about ‘balancing’ the various corporate interests, but to ensure that Estonia maintains functioning ecosystems, clean drinking water, clean air and clean soil. There is no other Estonia and we have nowhere else to go,” Sepp added.

Johanna Maria Tõugu, the co-leader of the Greens, said the party was proud that Evelyn Sepp had chosen the Estonian Greens to return to politics.

“It makes sense, because we are the only political party committed to the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity,” Tõugu said.

Evelyn Sepp is currently an independent politician; she formerly served in the IX, X and XI Riigikogu and was a member of the Center Party from 1998 to 2014.

She is a trained urban landscaper and a champion of high quality urban space.

In its goals, the Estonian Green Party ensures that the development of Estonia is environmentally friendly, sustainable, politically stable and economically efficient.

Founded in 2006, the Estonian Green Party held six seats in the Riigikogu from 2007 to 2011.
In the legislative elections of March 2011, the Greens obtained 21,824 votes (3.8% of the total) and thus lost their 6 seats. In the 2015 parliamentary elections, the Greens won 5,193 votes (0.9% of the total), failing to win any seats.
In March 2017, Züleyxa Izmailova was elected as the party’s new chairwoman.
The party obtained 1.82% of the vote in the legislative elections of March 2019, then 1.75% in the European elections in May, scores up from the previous elections, but insufficient to rally elected officials.

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