Global Green Movement Should Follow Jill Stein

As the world is hurling towards an all-out confrontation between the US and Russia, the US. And China and the US and Palestinians US presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein is leading the way for progressive Green Party supporters from around the world. 

As an outspoken defender of human rights, Stein has spoken up in favour of sanctioning Isreal, ending the US proxy war in Ukraine and working towards a sustainable peace. This comes at a time when many Green Parties, particularly in Europe are joining the political and media establishments in their country by openly advocating for war. 

Rather than joining with the political establishment in her country Jill Stein has continued to challenge the US empire from within. She was recently arrested while supporting student encampments for Gaza. She spoke at the Rage against the war machine rally in Washington, DC, in opposition to sending weapons to Ukraine. She has, time and time again stood up to the US war machine. She has stood for peace, the environment and social justice with the courage and conviction that so many modern Green Party leaders lack.

For this reason, Global Green News encourages all Americans to support Jill Stein in the 2024 US presidential election and encourages all Green Party’s worldwide to adopt and support her policies. 

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