A new green party has just emerged in the Venezuelan landscape. It is called “The Green Party of Venezuela”, essentially composed of members who come from the left with the objective of taking up the challenge of speaking to the social majority about the need to transform the economic model to contribute to the salvation of the planet and human specie.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela greeted the Founding Congress of the Green Party of Venezuela, held at Ezequiel Zamora Park, in the city of Caracas and broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión. This new ecological political organization is the first political group born in the country with the firm objective of promoting the preservation of the environment and human life.

“It is established that in Venezuela a green party was born for proactive grassroots environmentalism, based on action, and all Venezuelans expect a lot from you,” the president said in a telephone contact with the leadership of this organization.

President Maduro Photo: VTV

The Venezuelan head of state was pleased to see that one of the objectives of this party is “to build a society of equals and an ecologically balanced environment”, and assured that an organization with these guidelines was necessary.

“Venezuela needed a political force that would defend the cause of ecology, of the fight against climate change, against the climate emergency,” he said.

Likewise, he expressed how encouraging it is that the founding of this Green Party takes place from Venezuela, which ratifies and strengthens the 5th historic objective of the Homeland Plan.

“It is very encouraging that men and women are taking this step, a party that defends the fifth objective of the Homeland Plan, a political force that creates awareness, that builds strength,” he said , emphasizing that with this political party, leaders will raise environmental awareness necessary for the preservation of our environment.

For his part, the general coordinator of this new Green Party, Heryck Rangel, who is a doctor in environmental sciences and former minister of ecosocialism, recalled that his party has great objectives and great aspirations.

The Green Party of Venezuela emerges in defense of the environment

“We have encountered various stories, various struggles on which we agree on the need to preserve life on Mother Earth and save the human species as proposed by Commander Hugo Chavez in the 2012 Homeland Plan, we assume the Bolivarian ideology expressed in Chuquisaca. Decree of 1825, by which the liberator Simón Bolívar ordered the planting of a million trees throughout the territory of present-day Bolivia,” he said.

Rangel recognizes that this is an enormous challenge, especially because the objective is to change the economic model without abandoning the aspiration to support a participatory and governing democracy, this innovation introduced more than 20 years ago by Venezuelans in their political Constitution.

“For us, this is a great military challenge in the environmental dimension of the struggle of Bolivar and Chávez. It is up to our generation to restore balance, to restore the lost balance with Mother Earth. The global environmental crisis calls us, pollution calls us, desertification and drought call us, the fight against wildlife trafficking calls us, it is up to us to build the alternative, to make it possible, to make it real with the main role of the people”, declared the general coordinator of the new Green Party of Venezuela.

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