Ecolo members chose their top candidates for the federal elections this Saturday. Co-president Rajae Maouane and federal deputy Gilles Vanden Burre have been named head of the list for the vote on June 9, 2024. Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen) will be third on the list.
“Thank you to the activists for their trust. Full of enthusiasm and energy to lead the federal list with Gilles and Tinne. Together, we will do everything to accelerate the ecological and inclusive transition and improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens” , declared Rajae Maouane.
Rajae Maouane and Gilles Vanden Burre intend to mobilize “around a common unifying project to accelerate the ecological and inclusive transition, for a greener and fairer future”.

“Our unifying project for a peaceful society is essential at a time when extremes are at our doorstep,” commented the current co-president of the party.

For his part, Gilles Vanden Burre, currently head of the Ecolo-Groen group in the Chamber and federal deputy since 2015, said he was “Very happy to have received the trust of activists to bring our federal list to Brussels, with Rajae and Tinne, in order to recall our priorities linked to the ecological transition, social justice and the creation of quality jobs”.

For the regional elections, the heads of the list will be Zakia Khattabi, minister-president candidate, Alain Maron and Barbara Trachte.

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