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Greyhound Canada connects communities in remote areas to other parts of the country. Greyhound Canada suspended all routes in May 2020. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Green Party of Canada is showing concern regarding the ongoing cuts in Canada’s transportation sector.

In a media release, the Green Party of Canada is arguing that these cuts are leaving Canadians with diminished travel options.

“Across Canada ground transportation is in crisis,” said Green parliamentary leader Elizabeth May.

There are many examples of the impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s ground transportation.

“Many communities and the tourism sector depend on coach bus companies like Maritime Bus and Wilson’s on Vancouver Island,” said May.

Recently, Air Canada has cut flight routes to Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Rupert and Kamloops in B.C., Fredericton and Saint John, N.B., and Yellowknife, N.W.T.

“The fact that airlines are offering vacation destinations while cutting essential services to east and west coast communities is troubling,” said Green MP Jenica Atwin. She said that regional routes are crucial and need to be maintained.

Since the start of the pandemic, rail and bus routes have experienced cutbacks. Greyhound Canada suspended all routes in May 2020, and Via Rail suspended service to the Maritimes indefinitely, and reduced service in some regional corridors.

Atwin says that the cuts announced by Maritime Bus will impact the ability of Maritimers to remain connected to one another, and to the rest of the country.

Paul Manly, MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith says that cutting vital transportation is dangerous for Indigenous Women. “We must never forget the horrific tragedies that occurred on the ‘Highway of Tears’,” said Manly, explaining that the lack of public transportation infrastructure left these women vulnerable.

 “We simply cannot leave Canadians living in remote communities without access to safe, reliable transportation,” said May.

Read the full media release from the Green Party of Canada

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