The life of the chairman of the Green Party of Zambia is said to be in danger. Mr. Peter Sinkamba claims to have received a series of threats and disturbing messages from unknown sources. At the base of this case, according to the party, a petition filed with the Constitutional Court by Mr. Sinkamba concerning an electoral dispute, creates discontent.
The Green Party of Zambia expresses concern for the safety and security of its President. He accuses the outgoing UPND Kwacha deputy, Charles Abel Mulenga, of being among the instigators of these threats. According to the Green Party, Mulenga claimed that President Sinkamba wanted his election nullified by the Constitutional Court.

In response, Mulenga was officially reported to Kitwe District Police Headquarters, and the Green Party calls on the Zambian Police to investigate the alleged threats made by Mulenga and demonstrate that the ‘New Dawn’ administration will not protect its members and deputies to be held responsible for acts of intimidation of citizens who petition the country’s courts of law.

The Green Party also urges the UPND leadership to condemn the intimidation of citizens seeking redress in court. The Constitution of Zambia imposes on all citizens the duty and the right to respect and uphold the Constitution and to resist without fear or favor any act contrary to the Constitution. This includes the right of citizens to challenge any election held in the country if they believe it violates the Constitution and/or other electoral laws, and to ask the Constitutional Court to determine whether it took place in violation of the Constitution of Zambia.

In a statement, Green Party General Secretary Daniel Sichilongo said: “The Green Party and its President will not be deterred by acts of cowardice by any person or MP who feels aggrieved by our action in favor of the Constitution. , but instead redouble efforts to provide checks and balances to the executive branch of government through all possible legal and constitutional means, including by initiating public interest litigation in the Constitutional Court such as the Kwacha and Kabushi case.”

The situation highlights the importance of a free, fair and peaceful electoral process and the right of citizens to seek legal redress through the courts, which are fundamental democratic principles. The Green Party and its President, Peter Sinkamba, call for an end to intimidation and for all actors to respect the rule of law in Zambia.

Billy Omeonga

Billy Omeonga est diplômé en journalisme et création littéraire. Je poursuis actuellement une licence en administration des affaires à University of the People aux États-Unis d'Amérique. J'aime les activités qui impliquent des idées et la pensée critique. Je suis passionnée par la nature et la protection de l'environnement. Je crois en la protection de notre planète et de ses ressources naturelles. Je déteste les gens malhonnêtes et pessimistes. L'honnêteté fait partie intégrante de ma vision du monde et c'est une valeur en laquelle je crois fermement. Je parle français et anglais couramment. Dans mon temps libre, j'aime lire et jouer du piano. Aussi, je désapprouve le manque de fiabilité. Je suis une personne fiable, donc j'attends un certain niveau de fiabilité de la part de ceux à qui je suis fiable.

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