German Green Party pushes for new anti-discrimination policies

One year after an attack on a Synagogue in the city of Halle, Germany, the German Green Party, known as “Die Grünen”, took to social media to express the countries’ need for advanced methods of discrimination prevention.

Via social media:

“One year ago today, an anti-Semitic assassin tried in #Halle to disrupt the Yom Kippur service and murder Jews. Two people were killed and there were several injured. The many people who had come to the synagogue to pray were left traumatized. And not just them. The shock hits Jews all over Germany.

74 years after the end of Nazi rule, we count 2,000 anti-Semitic crimes and 22,000 right-wing extremist crimes per year in this country again. Every fourth German harbours anti-Semitic prejudices. #Antisemitism is just as much a social problem as right-wing extremism, racism and Islamophobia.

We have to tackle these problems and draw political and social consequences:
– We have to show solidarity with people who are exposed to discrimination. We have to finance the fight against the law more sustainably. A law promoting democracy is required for this.
– There must not be any more weapons in circulation; gun law needs to be tightened.
– Right-wing tendencies in the security authorities must be clarified and combated. This requires studies and an independent police officer.
– Specialized public prosecutor’s offices and a virtual police station online are needed in order to be able to better combat anti-Semitic and racist digital violence.

Against all anti-Semitism! Everywhere. Every day”

Joshua Allan

Joshua Allan is from Beamsville, Ontario and graduated from Bishop's University in June 2020, having studied Foreign Languages and Politics. His political activity in his community includes advocating for environmental rights in the Fridays for Future march in Sherbrooke, QC, in October 2019. His interests include Canadian and international politics, environmental politics, and Indigenous rights.

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