The German Green Party announced that they will be making big changes to their party structures in order to increase diversity within their party and posted the following text to their website:

“With the proposals of our Working Group on Diversity, we are redeeming for ourselves as a party what we demand for the whole of society: to respond to structural discrimination with structural changes. That the diverse perspectives of the whole of society are reflected in the parties is a central question of democracy. Therefore, with the new Diversity Statute we are taking a big step in our party development.”

  • Gesine Agena
    In recent weeks, people have shown solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in worldwide protests. This has sparked off a major public debate on how we as a society can counter racism. A year ago, we Greens asked ourselves what we in our party could contribute to reducing structural inequality. We want to be a party that implements diversity internally as well. That is why the working group on diversity was founded in May 2019. It consists of people from European, federal, state and local levels, as well as FOPH spokespersons and grassroots members. Together with external experts, they have developed proposals on how we can actively promote diversity in our party.

Our self-image is: “The diversity of our party is our strength. For this reason, the Working Group on Diversity has drawn up a statute which will be anchored in our statutes. The Diversity Statute creates structural changes against structural discrimination and ensures diversity within the party. It includes a Diversity Congress, which takes place every two years, a Diversity Speaker in the federal office and the appointment of a Diversity Council. The Diversity Council decides the guidelines of our diversity policy in consultation with the Federal Assembly.

“Many groups in society are still underrepresented and need an audible voice, including in politics. This requirement also applies to us as a party. That is why I am grateful for the proposals of the Working Group on Diversity. We will push for better representation as a party with all our might and make a decision on this at our party conference in autumn. We, as a society, should see diversity as a strength and define a new common ground with it.”

  • Robert Habeck
    The statute ensures that the representation of discriminated groups in the party is improved. In order to accompany and monitor the process on an ongoing basis, a member of the Federal Executive Committee is to be elected as a spokesperson for diversity policy*. In addition, a scientific survey should determine where inclusion already works well and how we can prevent exclusion.

These measures are intended to implement the goal of “cohesion in diversity”. The statute is the basis for a corresponding motion by the Federal Executive Committee for the Federal Delegates Conference in November 2020. Feedback on the process and the results can be sent to

Here you can find the results of the WG Diversity.

On Tuesday, June 30th at 18:30 the Working Group on Diversity will present its results in a livestream. Tupoka Ogette, Laura Gehlhaar, Katja Urbatsch and many members of the Diversity Working Group will be present. We stream live on More information about the event can be found here.

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