The Global Greens Congress returns to Asia-Pacific for its 5th congress and 20th anniversary. This exciting event, uniting the green world, will be held in Korea from June 8-11, 2023 and will bring together the four federations and the Global Young Greens.
Over 4 days, Greens from across the world will come together for policy discussions, decision-making meetings, plenary sessions, and networking events. And of course, to get inspired and motivated by fellow Greens across the passionate and dedicated global movement.
The World Green Congress Korea 2023 aims to unite the global green movement from over 100 different countries, together to protect people and the planet.

“We are putting together an exciting program of speakers, presentations, workshops, activities and exhibitors to showcase and inspire our green movement. Sharing skills, insights and ideas on how to strengthen and improve your work, and much more,”

the organizers said in a statement.

The World Green Congress remains one of the rare events that unites the international green movement. At the heart of their program are two important subjects, namely threats to the climate and to democracy. The resolutions submitted by green parties around the world and voted on at the event constitute an important part of the Congress.

Since the last Green Congress 6 years ago, the planet has witnessed an unprecedented increase in climate disasters and attacks on democracy. Through this Green Congress which opens this Thursday, June 08, 2023 in South Korea, climate and environmental experts intend to implement the changes necessary to create a better today and a fairer and more sustainable.

Global Greens brings together the four green federations, Global Young Greens, indigenous communities, politicians, members, activists, academics, institutes, the UN and NGOs of the green world.

The Congress will be an opportunity for attendees to connect with the rest of the green movement and prepare with what they need to know to make a difference in their community.

“Together we are building a vision, creating campaigns and policies that will help protect people and the planet. All of our actions now and in the years to come must create a wave of transformational change and pave the way for a sustainable 21st century. Inaction is not an option. Power and positivity are our way of making a difference. Congress is where we connect local Greens to global Greens,”

reads an announcement posted on the Global greens website.


After all this time apart, Congress is going to be exciting and we’ve got a lot of details to work through with our hosts, the Green Party of Korea! As a people-powered movement, we are calling on our networks to assist us in delivering a fantastic Congress for our community. We have a variety of sub-groups which are powered by a global team of volunteers, and we’re always looking to grow our team.

Our sub-groups include:

● Communications – coordinates all of the communications including social media, emails, and newsletters.

● Logistics – coordinates all aspects of the venue, hybrid centre, speakers, guests, and accommodation.

● Programming – responsible for developing the programming of sessions.

● Registrations – manages the process of registering, and liaises between delegates and the Global Greens.

● Resolutions – organises and merges proposed resolutions, before they are put to a vote.

● Visas – works with our delegates to assist them with their visa applications.

● Finances – advises the Congress Working Group and sub-groups on budget related matters.

If you would like to join a sub-group and help plan the Global Greens Congress 2023 Korea, please contact our Volunteers Manager, Julia ( with details on how you can help.

Thank you, and see you in Korea!!

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