VANCOUVER, BC – Green Party of Canada leadership contestant Dr. Amita Kuttner revealed their full platform on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery today.

Dr. Kuttner is the youngest candidate in the race and holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of California Santa Cruz. Their comprehensive platform, developed collaboratively with Green members from across the country, reflecting the diverse makeup of our country, and in consultation with multiple experts and community leaders focuses on justice, credibility and readiness.

“I am incredibly excited to be bringing forward this collective vision, to advance justice, to translate evidence to policy, and bring lived experience to governance. I am so grateful and proud of our amazing team for developing these proposals, as we have become the living embodiment of how to govern through consensus decision-making,” said Kuttner.

If elected leader of the Green Party, Dr. Kuttner pledges to:

  • Ensure the basic needs of Indigenous nations and communities are met, and move toward a true nation-to-nation partnership based on respecting Indigenous sovereignty
  • Implement a guaranteed liveable income
  • Pursue a long-term plan to abolish the police and prison system
  • Address the mental health crisis with compassion, informed by public health expertise
  • Address the systemic issues regarding gun violence and work with public safety experts and firearm owners to create streamlined, effective firearms regulation
  • Close the digital divide and ensure rural access to high-speed internet
  • Respond to the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence and automation
  • Update the Outer Space Treaty to limit the size and scope of Space militarization
  • Create a climate-resilient society and emergency preparedness strategy

Voting in the Green Party of Canada leadership contest opens on September 26 and closes on October 3. The new leader of the Green Party of Canada will be announced at a virtual leadership convention on October 4, 2020.

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Anthony Hughes
Campaign Manager

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