Following a historical win for the Democratic Party and the city of Pittsburgh, Green party candidate, Connor Mulvaney hopes to shake the city’s political landscape.

Historic win

Rep. Ed Gainey after winning the Democrat endorsement for mayor of the city of Pittsburgh on May 18th. Pictures by Nate Smallwood, Tribune Review.

On Tuesday May 18th, the democratic primary saw the victory of Ed Gainey over Bill Peduto, the current mayor of the city. This success is a landmark for the city as it marks the first step to Ed Gainey potentially becoming the first black mayor of the city. This paves the way for Green Party candidate Connor Mulvaney’s bid to win a seat at City Council, as he wants to build on this rising progressive movement in Pittsburgh.

City council race

Following Ed Gainey’s historic victory, Connor Mulvaney, member of the Green Party, and the GPOAC (The Green Party of Allegheny County) was very hopeful about winning the city council seat. Furthermore he is seeking the District 4 seats, currently occupied by Democrat Anthony Coghill. Anthony Coghill is finishing his first term on the council and is hoping for reelection.

It is important to note that Mulvaney has the support of Democratic Socialists of America’s Pittsburgh chapter, a group that backed Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato, winner of the 2018 democratic primary. Mulvaney has also been endorsed by the Green Party of Pennsylvania.

Mulvaney signed on to the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, a vow to refuse any donations exceeding $200 from major oil corporations. Other important members of the US political landscape have also signed this pledge including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

“I am proud to sign the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge, a promise that requires candidates to refuse contributions exceeding $200 from executives/lobbyists/PACs tied to the fossil fuel industry. Though, @AlleghenyGreens candidates strictly refuse any amount from fossil fuels.” – Connor Mulvaney on Twitter

Industrial town and environmental difficulties

Mulvaney will have a difficult task ahead of him. The city of Pittsburgh is an old industrial center that is traditionally not environmentally friendly. In addition, the air and water pollution in the city are some of the worst in the country, most notably the air in Allegheny County, where the GPOAC is based. This marks a shift in the US political landscape, where most of the time the race has been between Democrats and Republicans; this time the Green Party will have a chance at winning a city council seat.

“People in Pittsburgh and across the country are beginning to realize we need bold change and we can’t wait for the same old boys to do it for us.” – Connor Mulvaney on Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (also known as Trib Live)

This is an example of rising environment concern in the US. The Biden Climate plan to reach a 100% clean energy economy, and net-zero emissions no later than 2050 shows the change in mentality. It is also a departure from the previous administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. (which was nullified by Joe Bien during his first days in office).

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