Green leaders around the world are calling for immediate action to stop the attacks on Palestine. 

Following the United States’ block of the joint UN Security Council statement, more Green parties have come out to condemn the violence and eviction of the Palestinian population carried out by the Israeli government.

Budding genocide

“Gaza will Burn”

Benny Gantz, Israeli Defense Minister

The murder of 43 Palestinians last Sunday, including 8 children, has led many to call on the UN security council for direct action.

As the scenes of horror continue to escalate in Jerusalem, protests have erupted worldwide in support of the Palestinian population. From London to Johannesburg, the masses have taken to the streets to stand up for justice. Chief amongst these voices were those of Green leaders across the world who have continued to be vocal in their support of the fight for Palestinian liberation.

Young woman holding a “free palestine” sign during a protest against recent Israeli attacks in Gaza stripe. Milan, Italy, 13th of May 2021. Photograph: Shutterstock

Canadian voices

“True peace will never be achieved if we keep ignoring that one side is the occupier, the other is occupied”.

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Parliamentary Leader

Green leaders across Canada have also been quick to address the violence that emerged from Sheikh Jarrah. 

In a recent House of Commons proceeding, previous Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May pointed out that the current crisis in the Middle East was provoked by the “illegal actions of the Netanyahu government”. May continued to further call on the Canadian government to clearly condemn the illegal annexation, settlements, and forced evictions carried out by the Israeli government. 

Naomi Hunter, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green party, has also issued a Facebook statement demanding that the Canadian government take action against apartheid Israel. Hunter has also called for the cessation of Canada’s military-industrial complex, claiming that “Canada manufactures arms for export and acts surprised when they are used for their primary intention”. According to Hunter, deals such as the Saudi-Canadian arms deal are “criminal” when examined from a humanitarian perspective. 

In the east, Green Party Leader Kevin Arseneau criticized what he described as Canada’s “silent but deadly role” in the Israeli Apartheid.

Unfortunately, the majority of Green parties across Canada are not seeing their stance voiced by their federal counterparts.

Despite the backlash she faced, Annamie Paul, leader of the Green party of Canada, has yet to condemn or acknowledge the attacks on Palestine as apartheid. Paul’s latest statement to Twitter maintains that there is an equal conflict between Israel and Palestine, with no acknowledgement of the power imbalance between the two parties.

International outcry 

In Ireland, Green Party MEP (Member of European Parliament) for Dublin Ciarán Cuffe took to Twitter in criticism of the US block of a joint UN Security Council statement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Cuffe urged Ireland to take action to “end the carnage”. 

Australian Green party leader Adam Bandt has also called on the Australian government to publicly pressure the US government, who, he argues, “is backing these attacks and blocking action by the United Nations Security Council”.

Bandt was also adamant on calling for the recognition of the Palestinian state and for the Australian government to halt its own military cooperation and military trade with the Israeli government, claiming that “there can’t be peace until the Occupation ends”.

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