B.C Green Party leader Furstenau, has criticized the NDP for financing the fossil fuels industry.

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Fossil Fuels subsidies and controverse

The New Democratic Party of British Columbia has come under fire after a recent report shows the provincial government spent $1.3 billion dollars in subsidies between 2020 and 2021. Furthermore the study shows that since the province has been takeover by the NDP, and named John Horgan premier of the province, those subsidies saw a 8.3% augmentation.

Another element the report points out is the NDP’s support for the fossil fuel industry has triple compared to what the Liberals spent in 2016-2017. This sparked critics and controversies amongst the province’s Green Party. Leader Furstenau is asking that this money to be put to better use.

“This is the opposite of what should be happening, we should be immediately transferring that money into a just transition for workers, into a transition for the economy, and into recognizing that we have to treat climate change as what it is, which is a health emergency.” Furstenau said

Fracking, and tax loopholes

One of the major controversies is the tax loophole that would help the different fracking operators. The action of fracking is very controversial because of the impact it has on the environment and how it can damage the soil. Moreover, the source of this increase in subsidies is due to the tax plan named ‘Deep Well Royalty Program‘. Additionally, the report indicates it will cost approximately $421 million dollars for the taxpayers.

A shale gas fracking facility. (Peter Andrews/Reuters)

Leader Furstenau was openly vocal about this issue, and pointed out the responsibility of the NDP of this matter. In addition to this issue, she critiques the NDP’s work and how it will damage the goal to reach climate efforts, and Net-Zero emissions by 2050.

“It is unacceptable at this point in our history with countries around the world transitioning to net zero, that the NDP is throwing billions of dollars at the fossil fuel sector.” Furstenau said.

The exemptions and financial aids that invest in big pollutants companies are damaging the province’s future, and it generation. Additionally, the study shows that these subsidies will keep increasing and exceed $1.8 billions dollars by 2023-2024, triple what the Liberal spent in 2016-2017.

Future Generations at risk

Former Green Party leader and MP Elizabeth May, is showing her concerns. In 2017, the NDP and the Green Party decided to work together. She was part of this support. However, she is disappointed by how the NDP have been shifting their original goals to fight for the environment, and now is favoring major fossil fuels companies.

“I think the B.C. government under John Horgan has let us down badly. The massive increase in subsidizing fossil fuels under the NDP has been very much tied to the notion, which is delusional, that natural gas isn’t a fossil fuel,” Elizabeth May said.

‘Natural’ British Columbia is at risk from inadequate protection. Photo by Okanaganboy in Your BC: The Tyee’s Photo Pool.

The rising concern of the province and the voiced anger by leader Furstenau and Elizabeth May shows the struggle that the state is facing to meet environmental goals.

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