New leadership has arrived for the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

This past Saturday, October 23, aerospace engineer and political activist Anthony Edmonds was elected party leader, receiving 86 of a possible 93 votes. The Dalhousie alumnus and Halifax resident will lead the party along with former journalist and long-time Green Party representative Jo Ann Roberts, who will serve as deputy leader. The pair was the only ticket on the election ballot after their opponents dropped out of the race just a few weeks prior to the elections.

The new leaders plan to focus primarily on party growth and fundraising as they look ahead to the next election cycle, which is scheduled to take place in four years. While the Green Party of Nova Scotia currently has less than 300 registered members, Edmonds and Roberts say they will pull out all the stops to add more members to “Nova Scotia’s fastest growing political party.” “We will be spending time […] knocking on doors, holding events, building the party […] and building the brand,” says Roberts.

While pushing hard for party growth, Edmonds and Roberts also plan to act fast to form a shadow cabinet that will hold the province’s legislative assembly accountable and engage with the public. According to Roberts, the shadow cabinet will allow the Green Party “to be the conscience of the government and the opposition,” and to “call [the government] out” when they are “not acting responsibly [and] not living up to their promises.”

In his acceptance speech, Edmonds called for unity around the “common vision, common values and common goals” of the party. “Nova Scotians want what they want, they have the values they have, and those values align with ours,” said Edmonds.

The newly elected leader also added that the party will do “whatever it takes” to make sure the values of Nova Scotians are represented.

Jules Ownby

Jules is a journalist and podcast producer from Montreal, Canada. His areas of interest are the politics of the Americas as well issues surrounding immigration.

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