On May 9th, the 2022 Philippines election will be held.

A little less than three months ago, I interviewed David D’Angelo,
Senatorial Candidate for the 2022 Elections with Partido Lakas ng Masa.

A little background about D’Angelo:
-D’Angelo works for Works at GPP Kalikasan Muna – Green Party of the Philippines
-D’Angelo holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting
-He holds a job as a Social Media Manager
-He is the National President of the Green Party of the Philippines

The Green Party of the Philippines attempted to file as a regional political party. However, they were denied approval last year.

Environmental concerns are the main focus of the Green Party of the Philippines. However, we were able to ask D’Angelo about his stances on other issues.

In terms of social causes, D’Angelo believes in the full respect of gender rights. However, he prefers same-sex civil unions as opposed to same-sex marriages.

When asked about Duterte’s War on Drugs, D’Angelo stated he had no issues with medicinal marijuana but dissented the recreational use of marijuana as well as wanted to focus on giving those with substance abuse issues the chance for rehabilitation and more job opportunities to get them off the streets.

When asked about health care, D’Angelo stated that he believed in Universal Health Care.

Another one of the topics covered in the interview was the relation between environmentalism and the disparity between the rich and the poor. D’Angelo stated that the Green Party of the Philippines, under his leadership, desires to follow in the footsteps of New Zealand in terms of environmentalism. This would mean the removal of GDP as a measure of economic prosperity and instead putting the focus on Human Resources and a holistic, more people-centred view of looking at economic prosperity.

Jienelise Hilario

Jien is an experienced writer/journalist, researcher, administrative professional, speaker, and educator. She was born in the Philippines but has enjoyed living in Beautiful British Columbia since 2003. Jien holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University, completing the degree in 2018. In addition, she also obtained her Early Childhood Education Assistance License. She is currently working on her full Early Childhood Educator Certificate at Langara College while taking supplementary courses in Journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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