After the announcements of the World Health Organization and UNICEF on adjustments on educational settings, UK Greens have called the government on their websites to follow international advice and regulations such as effective classroom ventilation, social distancing, and vaccinations to all 12-15-year-olds in UK schools.

According to The Guardian, Hans Kluge, who is the head of WHO’s Europe region stated that uninterrupted classroom-based learning is vital while the pandemic continues, calling “educating children safely in a physical school setting” was of “paramount importance for their education, mental health, and social skills”, and must become “a primary objective” for governments.

Green Party Comments on Covid Caution

On August 31st, 2021, Green Party demanded that the government prioritize ensuring the health and safety of students in a press statement on their website.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing health emergency. We must approach this autumn with extreme caution.”

– Peter Cranie

UK Greens’ education spokesperson ,Vix Lowthion, urged the government on their website to not promise students and families a normal year by merely taking “regular voluntary COVID-19 measures”. She said “The reality is, that in the UK infection rates are highest among those under the age of 30. Back in June, Public Health England demonstrated outbreaks of the Delta variant in schools exceeded those in any other setting, and that cases among secondary school children were the highest across all age groups”.

She added, “As students return to educational settings after a 6-week break, we must see proper ventilation, social distancing, face coverings worn in busy areas, and the offer of vaccinations for older school children. Yet the best our Education Secretary Gavin Williamson can do is brandish false and hollow reassurances about a return to normality, and put the onus on parents and children to ‘not throw caution to the wind”.

On the day of the press release, August 31st, 2021, Vix Lowthion published a tweet informing the public about the necessary measures to be taken in the classroom. She wrote, “NO to the govt charm offensive, hollow reassurances & responsibility put on parents, teachers & kids”.

Moreover, Green Party’s Health Social Care, and Public Health spokesperson Peter Cranie, highlighted the COVID-19 infection rates in the UK and called for a “responsible and compassionate approach” from the government. He stated “The government has accepted, as a price worth paying, COVID-19 infection rates around 30 times higher than this time last year and an average 100 deaths a day. This compares to just 26 deaths in New Zealand, over the whole course of the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing health emergency. We must approach this autumn with extreme caution.”

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