Greens Call on Annamie Paul to Dismiss Noah Zatzman

More than one hundred members of the Green Party of Canada have signed an open letter to the party’s leader Annamie Paul calling on her to dismiss her spokesperson Noah Zatzman (pictured) over comments he made about the party’s Members of Parliament last month.

In a May 14 post on his public Facebook page, Mr Zatzman accused various political figures including “Green MPs” of “appalling anti Semitism and discrimination.” Mr Zatzman, who is publicly cited as Ms. Paul’s spokesperson in media reports, went on to promise the Green MPs “We will work to defeat you.”

Mr Zatzman’s post has since been removed from his Facebook page, however a screenshot of the post has been circulating on social media and has been incorporated into several articles and commentaries published on the subject of his outburst.

On Tuesday, an Open Letter to Ms. Paul calling for Mr. Zatzman’s dismissal was publicly released. The Open Letter is signed by 165 members of the party as of press time. The list of signatories continues to grow as more members find out about Mr. Zatzman’s public statement and want to join the call for his removal.

“It is unacceptable that member dues and donations are paying the salary of someone who has publicly vowed to undermine our Party. It is also unacceptable for the leader of our Party to have this individual serve as her representative to the media,” states the Open Letter to Ms. Paul.

The Party has three elected MPs: Jenica Atwin (Fredericton), Paul Manly (Nanaimo-Ladysmith), and Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands).

Various members have been sending individual letters of protest to Ms. Paul’s office over Mr. Zatzman’s statement about the MPs. To date, Ms. Paul has not replied to member enquires on this topic. 

The Open Letter has been gathering signatures for 24 hours (since May 31) on an unofficial public Facebook group for Green Party of Canada members and supporters. All signatories to the Open Letter must be party members in good standing.  

Open Letter to Annamie Paul from Members of the Green Party of Canada: Dismiss Noah Zatzman

To: Annamie Paul, leader, Green Party of Canada, 

Date: June 1, 2021  

Dear Ms. Paul, 

It has now been more than two weeks since your spokesperson Noah Zatzman publicly libeled our Party’s current elected Members of Parliament and vowed to work to defeat them and replace them with Zionists. A screen shot of his May 14, 2021 public statement is attached.

You have not uttered one word to repudiate his public declaration of war on our Party and our elected MPs. And you continue to employ him as your spokesperson to the media, thus tacitly condoning and endorsing his May 14th statement.

It is unacceptable that member dues and donations are paying the salary of someone who has publicly vowed to undermine our Party. It is also unacceptable for the leader of our Party to have this individual serve as her representative to the media.

Therefore, we the undersigned, all members in good standing of the Green Party of Canada, demand that you dismiss Noah Zatzman immediately. If you are unable to do this, then you should step down as leader of our Party.  


Kim Goldberg
George Orr
Pam Macdonald
Corey Boardman
John Green
David Heap
Jim Wright
Robert Thorpe
Ann Remnant
Dimitri Lascaris
Sandra Harris
Scott McFadden
Grant Penton
Alex Ouellette
Norah Fraser
Frithjof Petscheleit
Norbert D’Costa
Pat Cuthbert
Fayaz Chagani
James Benham
Shel Goldstein
Brendan Weston
Widad Harrison
Alastair Macdonald
Owen Hughes
Ann Mayo
Edward Mackenzie
Steve Hirchak
Yvette Mattar
Elias Zaher
Jo Logan
Andrew Thiessen
Odette Dabit
David Peters
Nathan Loewen
Peter Lorian
Sheila Rea
Meagan Wiper
Kim Hughes
Lynn Aly
Aly Aly
Andy Ghaith
Alex Pasek
Sonja Sundqvist
Yves Engler
Walter Thomas Beckett
Sean Wilson
Leslie Rivers-Garrett
Derek Davidson
Cass Romyn
James MacGregor
Rebecca Anweiler
Stéphanie Lefebvre
Gabrielle Tishenko
Susan Ghattas
Rajai Ghattas
Mazen Ghattas
Nader Ghattas
Jen Ghattas
Tonia Ghattas
Stephen Ellis
Carolyn Herbert
Menno Meijer
Adam Osmak
Jack Sterken
Colin Griffiths
Vic Brice
John Turnbull
Norbert D’Costa
Sara Sagaii
Andrew Reda Gavin
John Dwyer
Anand Sinha
Howard Noah Leznoff
Roger Crowther
Pat Crowther
Anna Badillo
Howard Breen
Constantine Kritsonis
Avery Schwarz
Madrona Hughes
Yasser Rahim
Howard Scott
Everett Coldwell
Eva Loewen.
Dirk Hoeppner
Angel Godsoe
Stephen Fowler
Sue Hains
Stephen White
Matt Hyndman
Victoria Leung
Evan Ubene
David Weber
Maria Vamvalis
Atul Bahl
Kevin Ramsay
Zac De Vouge
Cathryn Duerden
Felix Robitaille
Lisa Barrett
Kim Bell
Judy Snider
Annette Lengyel
Jamie Hunter
Linda Shaben
Marie Bridel
David Wong
Rene Ariens
John Philpot
Jason Chavez Baines
Robert Green
Terry Wishart
Jean Arnold
Jane Weeks
Chris R Kowalchuk
Sarah Gabrielle Baron
David Zerkler
Allan Menard
Claude Haridge
Juergen Rose
Christina Gower
Cheryl Wiens
Paul Chorney
Pat Rogerson
Dave Abbey
Sara Piotrofsky
Philippa Syme
Andrew Reeves
Chris Alders
Jawad Qureshy
Matthew Sloly
Saul Bottcher
Charles McFadden
Karen McFadden
Rodney Doody
Walid Madhoun
Norma Rantisi
Glenyss Turner
Lorraine McNeil
Don Julio
Michael Springate
Trevor Wiens
Radhika Desai
Karen Brill
Juergen Rose
Wendy Goldsmith
Bill Tiessen
Nathan Grills
Elisabeth Sterken
Wendy Lewis
Pierre LeBlanc
Danielle Waters
Stephanie Kelly
Douglas Shearer
James Willis
Valérie Prat
Martin Benoit
Andrew Cooke
Julie Mason
Douglas Woodard
Christopher Zabaneh
Réal Lavergne
Marianne Larsen

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