The European Greens are going to celebrate the 6th European Green Party Congress on 2–4 December 2022. A thousand green representatives will gather in Copenhagen to reaffirm the green values and impact and set the direction for the 2024 European Elections.

This Congress is celebrated every five years and arrives at a moment when the greens’ support has climbed in so many local offices, regional parliaments, and national governments. The Danish Greens will co-host the event in Denmark, gathering ministers, decision makers, and grassroots activists in the member parties.

A decisive moment: energy and food crises devastating Europe

The European Green Party (EGP) will deliberate on future challenges. Focusing on energy, food security, inflation, and strikes since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Followed by the climate catastrophes increase and the pressing need to fight for climate justice.

The party will mainly focus on finding responses to these crises Europe is facing. As their website states, the 6th Congress will be the best occasion to answer complex questions, such as:

“How can we continue to push for an energy transition while mitigating energy poverty in Europe?

How can we enhance Europe’s unity in support of Ukraine and standing up to Putin’s threat?

How can we maintain solidarity as we face the triple crises of pandemic, war, and climate?” 

The Greens’ strategic direction for the 2024 elections

An essential part of the congress will be to start the groundwork for the upcoming 2024 European elections. People living in the EU will get to choose the 705 members that will represent them in the European Parliament until 2029. 

The assembled green parties will discuss their vision for the future of the European Union and the need of ramping up efforts in the fight against climate change, the just transition, and enhancing democracy. Their objective is to consolidate their impact on the political agenda.

The last EGP Council set the resolutions for a new European paradigm

Last June, the Greens congregated in Riga to debate security, climate, and social crises at the 35th EGP Council. They adopted clear resolutions for a new European paradigm: stronger, fairer, safer, and greener.

Twitter – @europeangreens

They debated on how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent, how to combat the war-shaking European foundations, and the capital importance of relying on green cooperation and strong allies.

The Council finished with the voting of the next party Committee. Benedetta de Marte was elected the new Secretary General of the EGP.  

Carla Moure

Carla is a Journalist, Marketer and content creator. Born and raised in Barcelona, she moved to Canada to study International Business. She can speak four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French. Her areas of interests in the green field include Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG and Sustainable Development. Carla strongly believes communication is the most useful tool to shift minds towards a greener world.

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