Happy National Plant a Flower Day!

March 12 is National Plant a Flower Day.

March 12th is National Plant a Flower Day, a holiday with the intention of celebrating the beauty of flowers and the important roles they occupy in our lives whether we realize it or not. With the warm spring weather approaching, flowers will begin to emerge from the soil once again.

The holiday is an amusing way to remind your loved ones how much you appreciate them, an opportunity to pick up a new hobby for planting/gardening or it can simply be a day to kick back and enjoy nature’s beauty.

History of National Plant a Flower Day

Although the history of National Plant a Flower Day is not clear, flowers have played an important part in people’s lives for thousands of years. Indeed, through an examination of sculptures and paintings dating back to c. 2686–c. 2160 BCE in Egypt, there are visible depictions of various flowers on tombs and on papyrus. Additionally, there have even been old flower garlands found on mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era (305–30 BCE).

Fun facts about flowers

According to the Gardening Channel, here are 10 random fun facts about flowers that you might find interesting:

  1. Did you know that there are over 400,000 different kinds of species of flowering plants?
  2. In the 1600s in Holland, tulip bulbs were worth more than gold.
  3. Blue cohosh (AKA squaw root or papoose root), was used by Native American women to assist with easy labor and childbirth.
  4. In 2002 in northeast China, scientists discovered the world’s oldest flower. Archaefructus sinensis, which looks similar to a lily, bloomed over 125 million years ago.
  5. Gas plants produce a clear gas on humid, warm nights. With the help of a match, the gas can be ignited.
  6. Moon flowers bloom only at night. During the day, they close.
  7. Sunflowers follow the sun from east to west during the day.
  8. Angelica was used in Europe for hundreds of years as a cure for many diseases such as the bubonic plague. It was also believed to ward off evil spirits.
  9.  Saffron comes from a type of crocus flower.
  10. During the invasion of Vikings in Scotland hundreds of years ago, a flower called wild thistle slowed the invaders down giving the Scots enough time to escape. Nowadays, the wild thistle is the national flower of Scotland.

How to celebrate National Plant a Flower Day

Here are some creative and pleasant ways to celebrate this year’s National Plant a Flower Day:

  • If the weather permits it, tend to your outdoor garden
  • Purchase flower seeds or plants at your local greenhouse
  • Volunteer at your local community garden
  • Spice up the inside of your house or apartment with some colourful flowers or plants
  • Surprise a friend, a family member or your partner with a bouquet
  • Visit a botanical garden in your city

Learn more about National Flower Day here: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-plant-a-flower-day-march-12/

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